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Brush Tip Markers - Set of 48 Alcohol Markers (Brush and Chisel Tip)

48 Colors Plus Skin Tones, Patels and Greys - Choose from 48 brilliant colored alcohol based markers to suit any project; Crammed with Flesh Tone, Pastel and Grayscale colors; Create beautiful art that everyone will admire

Brush and Chisel Tip, Twice as Versatile - Unlock your creative side with our Dual-Tip marker design; Choose the versatile 12mm nylon Brush Tip for precise, detailed work using different pressures; Use the medium Chisel Tip to create bold lines or fill large areas with color 

Superior Brush Tip - Make coloring and blending fast and easy with our professional Brush Tip; Caliico flexible Brush Tips won't split or fray; Achieve astonishingly fluid strokes and gorgeous blending effects with these superior brush tip markers

Color-Coded, Sealed Caps - Color coded tightly fitting caps make searching for colors quick whilst stopping tips from drying out; Colors will look vibrant for longer; Keep your brush markers organized and in good condition with the stylish carry case

Vibrant, Smooth Color - Caliico Alcohol based ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend; Ink is quick drying, acid free and does not destroy paper fibers; The sky’s the limit once you start layering, color mixing and blending with Caliico brush tip alcohol markers

Everything you've wanted from an Alcohol Marker Set ..... but couldn't find.

Make your project will stand out with this innovative 48 Color Alcohol-Based Marker Set from Caliico. We hand selected 48 color-popping shades to surpass your expectations. Dive in and explore the large variety of Pastels, Skin Tones and Grayscales plus many more smooth, bold colors to add to your pallete. You Can Thank Us Later!

Caliico Dual Tip Alcohol Markers - Create More, Work Less

Superior Brush Tip

This flexible tip is the secret weapon for achieving fluid strokes and gorgeous blending effects. Similar to a paintbrush, you can control the width of the line by varying how hard you press down. Both nibs on the marker are resistant to fraying.

Versatile Chisel Tip

The incredible chisel tip is part of every artists toolbox. Providing many variations of line thickness depending on whether you use the short/width of the nib or the wider one. Ideal for filling large areas with color, or creating elegant calligraphic strokes

Ergonomic Barrel

The ergonomic triangular barrel is modern, minimalistic and your hand will actually enjoy holding it. As an added bonus, they won't roll off the table! A light grey band around one end indicates the brush tip end for easy identification.

BONUS Colorless Blender

As the name suggests, this tool is useful for blending, but also for lightening areas of your artwork and adding highlights. 

Suits artists of all skill levels; Ideal for design, drawing, craft, art, illustration, animation, manga, fashion design, automotive design and architecture design.


47 Color Brush Markers
1 Colorless Brush Marker
1 Carrying Case
1 Color Chart

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